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Update on Yemen Civil War

Voa News 31 Jul 2021
Katherine Zimmerman, a fellow for Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Elana ...

Does insisting that employees are vaccinated amount to indirect discrimination?

The Independent 31 Jul 2021
... about employment law with a casual observation that any policy of “no jab, no job” in the workplace is a matter for individual companies ... The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, declares it “smart policy”, and the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, reckons it a “good idea”.

Alberta receives inquiry's final report on eco groups and energy industry

North Shore News 31 Jul 2021
Steve Allan, the commissioner in charge of the inquiry, says when the report is later released Albertans will gain a new understanding of how foreign funding has influenced public policy and debate.

CPC leads China toward a new, cooperative model

China Daily 31 Jul 2021
China's foreign policy-making is a highly deliberative process involving stakeholders from different fields, including academics and think tanks ... Peace and economic development remain the core of China's foreign policy ... The West has intensified its China-containment strategy mirrored in its Indo-Pacific policies and NATO framework.

Biden administration sues Texas over Gov. Abbott order restricting migrant transport

New York Post 31 Jul 2021
More On.. immigration. The Biden era is a wretched repeat of our 1960s and ’70s crises. Finish that wall! Top House Republicans push for return to Trump border policies ... Foreign buyers are back and they’re betting big on NYC, brokers say ... Reuters ... see also ... Abbott is among the fiercest critics of the Biden administration’s immigration policy ... .

Stagflation concerns return to haunt financial markets

Korea Times 31 Jul 2021
Few policy options ... "To prevent wasting limited resources, the government's fiscal policy should focus on overcoming stagnation rather than boosting the economy," he said. Lee said the government doesn't have many policy options, and that's why experts agree that it should focus on reaching herd immunity through vaccinations.

Eli Lake: Now is Biden’s best chance to ditch the Iran nuclear talks

Boston Herald 31 Jul 2021
Thankfully, that might finally be changing ... In 2009, it was a stolen election ... The overriding goal of all this outreach, and the main objective of the president’s Iran policy, should be to support the efforts of Iran’s people to achieve a democratic transition ... Eli Lake is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering national security and foreign policy.

The week in 14 headlines

News-Press Now 31 Jul 2021
This week, the Senate voted to start debate on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill after a bipartisan group of lawmakers finally struck a deal ... Monday. Biden announces end of combat mission in Iraq as he shifts US foreign policy focusFederal law doesn't prohibit Covid-19 vaccine requirements, Justice Department says. Tuesday ... Wednesday ... Thursday ... Friday ... .

Allen West Says Border Security, Replacing Property Tax Are His Top Priorities In 2022 Primary ...

CBS Sports 31 Jul 2021
Dale Carpenter, a constitutional law professor at SMU, says while this hasn’t been tested, West’s policy would likely face a legal challenge because he says the Constitution contemplates an invasion from a foreign power, and that under the Constitution, Congress has the authority over immigration.READ MORE.

Discrimination exposes US' sordid human rights record

China Daily 31 Jul 2021
And though US President Joe Biden may be making efforts to reverse many of Trump's policies, racial discrimination won't end in the US unless the country undergoes a thorough socio-racial transformation ... Racism and "civilizational" supremacy also influence the US' foreign policy.

A look back at Carl Levin’s 36-year U.S. Senate career

Michigan Live 31 Jul 2021
United States Senator Carl Levin talks foreign policy and national security at GRCC's Sneden Hall in Grand Rapids, Mich ... Levin chaired the powerful Armed Services Committee for a decade, meaning he wielded considerable influence over the military’s budget and policies.

‘Strategic genius’ and Brexit player: Who is Ireland’s next ambassador to London?

The Irish Times 31 Jul 2021
A “strategic genius”, says someone who has worked with him on Brexit policy ... He moved to the Department of Foreign Affairs, working on Middle East policy for a year, before migrating to the Department of Agriculture, working on the department’s finances and reforming the beef system in the wake of the beef tribunal.

When Questioning Popular Opinion is Prohibited

Dissident Voice 31 Jul 2021
They determine foreign policy, run the government, industry, and the worlds of finance and media ... Even while the Biden administration recently moved to shut down the websites of 33 foreign media outlets, it was spun as security protection, not an obvious attack on the 1st amendment.

Belarusian tyrant Alexander Lukashenko reaches a new low in his hybrid war with EU

Irish Independent 31 Jul 2021
Lithuanian border guards detained 171 illegal migrants on the frontier with Belarus on Tuesday night ... Protasevich remains under house arrest. One of the few positive aspects of the incident was that EU leaders managed to overcome their usual foreign policy divisions to unanimously condemn the action by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime ... .

MICEK: Billionaires Left Earth, But Couldn’t Escape Its Problems

The Greeneville Sun 31 Jul 2021
Jeff Bezos is going into space tomorrow. Yesterday, on earth, I saw a man search for food in a trash can,” the critic Charles Preston observed on Twitter. Warren Gunnels, a top aide to U.S ... Writing in Foreign Policy in 2019, Greg Autry reminded readers of the now legendary image of the Earth captured by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders in 1968 ... ....

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